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            Our 2019
SPRING Koi Harvest
will be at 10 a.m.
Rain or shine
  April 13 2019
About our 2018 Spring Harvest

Oh what a day it was! A beautiful 80 degree day inbetween freezing and snowey days. 
We emptied our large bridge pond in a few hours and we pulled LARGE BEAUTIFUL KOI!
We had a big turnout and everyone was happy with the day and especially with the KOI.
 As you know we are here all season selling all size Koi along with Food and pond supplies.
Just remember to call before coming to make sure Dave is here.


     Dave and I want to thank each and everyone of you for your help, your business and most of all for your friendship. We have known many
of you for years and really enjoy seeing you each and every time you come. We especially enjoy meeting all our new "friends" and are looking
forward to a long relationship. As you all know, or will soon enough, that my dear husband LOVES his Koi and loves to help everyone keep a
healthy pond so they can enjoy their fish for many, many years. He will gladly answer any and all your questions, but be prepared..there are no
short answers when Dave talks about Koi or ponds. Like it or not, you WILL get an education from him lol.
He loves to laugh, he loves to make you smile and he loves to talk KOI.  We love our little Koi Farm and hope you do too.

  If you have any questions or concerns or need something for your ponds or fish, if Dave doesn't have it he will help you get it
Remember, Dave is available all year round. He's just a phone call away.







                                      Winter has taught us some important lessons about getting our ponds ready for the cold.

100_4164.JPG Make sure you keep your system "ON' for the Winter and remove the U.V. light unit. 

winter.JPG Keep your air stones on all Winter.

Keep the water level in your skimmers and keep them clear of trash


wintercover.jpg If possible, cover system