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                                    Due to the Corona virus, for everyone's comfort and protection

                                                                                                                                                                 we are taking the following guidelines.


   We have pulled our last pond on May 23rd. and you are welcomed

to call to make an appointment to come see these beautiful young Koi.




      During this uncertain time, we are all doing our part to stay safe. Keeping our social distance is a big part of that.


       We find ourselves at home more then ever now and our Koi ponds can help calm and sooth our rattled nerves.


        Let's make sure everything is up and working properly. We want our drains, clear of debris, pumps and filters


         running at full velocity. Skimmers flowing and trash baskets cleaned. Air stones bubbling and Koi healthy and happy.


         Dave is here for you. Give him a call to schedule an appointment for you to come here to pick up food, Koi or anything


         else you may need. If You want him to visit your pond, he can do that also. Don't hesitate to call him with any questions or


                    concerns you may have. Heck, you can just call to say hello and let us know how your doing. We miss seeing you all.




                  Please stay safe and remember.......WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER



















     Dave and I want to thank each and everyone of you for your help, your business and most of all for your friendship. We have known many
of you for years and really enjoyed seeing you each and every time you came. We have made many friends, some of whom will last our lifetime.










                                      Winter has taught us some important lessons about getting our ponds ready for the cold.

100_4164.JPG Make sure you keep your system "ON' for the Winter and remove the U.V. light unit. 

winter.JPG Keep your air stones on all Winter.

Keep the water level in your skimmers and keep them clear of trash


wintercover.jpg If possible, cover system